Looks like those nice McFly boys just grew up…

Through no fault of my own, I found myself caught up in the wave of mania that surrounded McFly’s Party Girl. Whilst scanning from site to site, a few things became clear:

  • This new effort has really polarized opinion, on a scale rarely seen in the current age of music. Henceforth, this will be known as the Marmite Effect.
  • McFly, despite any criticisms they draw, know how to write music.
  • The first few live shows for McFly 2.0 are going to be very important.

Forgetting the post-production, and the decidedly synth-driven nature of this song, you still have the guitars, the bass, the drums; the bread and butter, if you will. It is the backbone of the music that strikes me the most- it is still McFly, but it’s had an upgrade.

Somewhere between Five Colours In Her Hair and today, McFly were bound to grow up. And that’s not just some euphemism for being ‘emo’, which I’ve heard to be leveled at Wonderland. This song is sex, compared to the schoolboy crushes their earlier works could be compared to. For many, I’m sure this is ‘about time, too’.

Returning to the overall sound, it’s possible to draw parallels to the response to Fallout Boy, after they released I Don’t Care, which turned out to be a BIG live sound, masquerading as radio-friendly gold dust.

Lest we forget, the current pop sound relies heavily on post-production, which has been, and always will be a big part of the recording process. It is also something that is always improving, evolving, call it what you will. This new sound is just representative of the era we find ourselves in.

It is doubtful that the band are going to hire ghost band members, or rely on backing tracks, so their live shows will be the bare bones, and the thought of that does excite me.

So for all McFly fans out there, time needs to be taken to see the bigger picture, to think of this new sound as a means to an end. Besides, we all know that a band can only stay the same for so long before becoming ‘boring’ or ‘same-y’.

That’s music in a shell for you; damned if you change, damned if you don’t. It remains to be seen if the McFly change works for them or not, but I wouldn’t mind betting the doubters get silenced.


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