Soundchecked: McFly- Above The Noise

Rating: 9/10

With a slightly updated sound and look, this latest offering from McFly couldn’t come soon enough for their fans. And credit where it’s due; “Above The Noise” was worth the wait.

Fusing the band’s trademark style with a variety of chic sounds, each of the album’s 11 songs bring an entirely different sound to the table, keeping the sounds fresh, and the listeners guessing.

From the start of opening track “End Of The World”, it is clear this album isn’t the mainstream pop-fest some were expecting. Instead we are confronted with a rough and powerful verse, which evolves swiftly into a soft-rock chorus, echoing the sound of bands like Maroon 5.

Of course, singles “Party Girl” and “Shine A Light” speak for themselves, particularly the latter (which I must confess to preferring sans-Taio). Representative of the changes McFly have made to their style, both songs have been wonderfully written and constructed, and are a joy to behold.

Cynic-fodder its title may be, but “iF U C Kate” is a tremendously fun song to listen to. Catchy in all the right places, the song has clearly been meticulously crafted, and is more than deserving of a sing-along or two.

In my opinion, “I Need A Woman” is one of the best songs on the album. There is an unidentifiable quality to the opening riff, one that makes you feel like a sunny morning is pouring out of your speakers. The same is to be said of the chorus. Behind Danny Jones’ vocals is a distinctly rock backing, peppered with the finishing touches you would normally expect to hear in a Bruce Springsteen song.

Indeed, as feel-good albums go, this must rank fairly highly. Far surpassing all the cheesy clichés that go hand-in-hand with the McFly’s boy band label, “Above The Noise” doesn’t try too hard, or force itself upon you. Instead it hides all its qualities behind a sense of class, which can only be a product of experience.

“That’s The Truth” is perhaps the album’s greatest deviation from the familiar McFly sound. Not that this detracts from the quality of the song, however. The chorus is nothing short of epic, and it merges with the song’s gentle and melodic verses almost effortlessly.

The penultimate track on the album, “This Song” is as cheery as it is sweet.  Following on from the equally sterling “Take Me There”, both tracks are easy to listen to, and their silky-smooth tones can’t help but lighten the mood.

“Above The Noise” is a wonderfully apt title for this album. Whilst still retaining all the qualities of their back-catalogue, it holds a maturity and sophistication (acronyms aside) that you will be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Quite literally Above The Noise, this is an effort that McFly should be endlessly proud of.


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