Soundchecked: McFly (Live)

Bournemouth BIC, 23 March 2011

Rating: 10/10

It’s perfect tens for McFly as they return to the live scene to tour latest album Above The Noise. With an explosion of fireworks, the UK superstars arrive on stage in Bournemouth, tearing straight into opener “Party Girl”.

© Angus Marriott 2011

Despite their dance-pop makeover of 2010, the song translates to the live scene with a gritty rock edge, which the band wears well.

This evening’s show, featuring a longer set list and a dazzling array of pyrotechnics, is proof that McFly are always looking to build on their previous successes. Mission accomplished.

In the set are also some fine links between songs. Perhaps symbolic of the way they link a variety of genres, these finishing touches point to a band for which anything short of perfection is simply not an option. Again, mission accomplished.

Plucking hits from their genre-defying back catalogue, their adoring fans are treated to a mix of songs old and new. Following their Before The Noise tour, which understandably focussed on promoting the album, it’s good to see McFly return to a more varied show.

From “5 Colours In Her Hair” to “That’s The Truth”, McFly leave no stone unturned as the night progresses, complimenting their obvious musical talents with a charming and confident stage manner.

Any remaining sceptics of the band’s legitimacy will surely be silenced now. Yes, McFly play live. Yes, they really sing. And yes, they’re bloody good.

With events drawing to a close, there is just enough time for a double-encore, allowing the band to showcase two contrasting anthems – the rock throwback “One For The Radio” and their Taio Cruz collaboration “Shine A Light”. Both songs are performed magnificently, with a burning ‘McFly’ suspended above.

A day will come when we have used every single good adjective to describe McFly. That day is not today. The show has been simply stunning – meticulously planned, and executed to perfection.


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