Soundchecked: Twenty Twenty – Small Talk

Rating: 9/10

When Twenty Twenty first pitched up on the music scene a couple of years ago, it was hard to see what their future held. The band were surfing the waves started by the pop-punk movement of the mid-naughties, but it seemed they had appeared just a little too late.

After relentless touring, and sporadic song releases, Small Talk represents Twenty Twenty’s maturation into the thinking teen’s boy band. Somewhere along the way, the band found themselves adopting dance-pop undertones in their songs, which they have amplified and perfected for this mini album.

The resultant mix of songs marry up their early charms with the must-haves of pop music – the ‘woahs’, the drum beats and the infectiously melodic choruses.

One of the album’s strengths is its consistency. From the earlier tracks, including “Get Down” and “Girl Next Door”, through to closing effort “Love’s A Freak” we see the same methodical progressions and mutations, leaving this as a polished and even body of work, on which each track deserves to be listened to.

Perhaps this is where work is needed, however. As lively as the album is, its clean-cut and formulaic sound does suggest a lack of spontaneity in places. For a debut pop album though, this is only a minor flaw.

It is clear that Twenty Twenty know how to please their fans. This eight-track offering is enough to keep listeners entertained while still leaving room for what promises to be an epic full-length release.

So, thumbs up to Twenty Twenty. They came, they changed and they conquered, and the success of Small Talk will be a deserved reward for a hard-working young band.


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