New Riot appeal for US tour funds…

Band appeal to fans to help fund summer tour with Reel Big Fish.

Ska-punks New Riot are appealing to fans to help fund their recently-announced US tour with Reel Big Fish.

The band, who supported ska icons RBF on their UK tour earlier this year, sent a message out via their Tumblr page to encourage fans to donate to the cause.

New brass addition Ryan Stanikk says the chance to fulfill a long held dream is a deserved reward for New Riot: “This US & Canada tour is something we’ve all been dreaming of for many many years and now we get to live that dream finally.

“As a band, we have never been gifted any money by a record label and we’re not at all funded by rich parents. Everything we’ve done has been through hard work and our own money. In that respect, we probably think we deserve this big break and hopefully fans think the same.”

A series of rewards are being offered to fans to donate, ranging from CDs to goody bags. Stanikk was also keen to praise the early efforts of the fans following the unveiling of the campaign.

“We have just started up a fundraising campaign to try and help us cover the costs of flights & visas for the US tour and, as usual, our amazing fans have been nothing but incredible. We’re so lucky and incredibly thankful.”

For more information about the tour and campaign, visit:


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