Soundchecked: Weerd Science – Sick Kids

Rating: 9/10

In his first album, Weerd Science confronted the world of major record labels. In his second opus, it’s his own twisted world that we are welcomed into.

Drugs and pain are recurrent themes throughout Sick Kids. And why shouldn’t they be? Weerd Science has clearly endured a lot and, as dark as the album is to listen to, the brutal honesty of it would suggest that the writing process was quite liberating for him.

Like an addiction, it’s hard to pull yourself away from Sick Kids and the swirling cyclone of beats and rhymes on offer. Forget mainstream Hip-Hop, this effort is soul-bearing. It exposes us to a raw personal account of Weerd Science’s darkest hours. Excruciatingly so – it brings to you the edge of comfort, but still leaves you satisfied.

“Clap If You ❤ Someone” is funnier than it should be. Evidently Weerd Science is a born narrator. One of his greatest strengths is his ability to dice with black comedy, which he does to perfection on numerous occasions. In this instance the chorus lines of  ‘I love you girl, but you gave me the clap [clap clap]…’ throw frank storytelling against an almost forbidden sense of comedic delivery. It feels good to indulge in the humour, even though morality would normally forbid such things.

This album is moving. There is no better way to put it. Weerd Science toys with our emotions, morals and senses. He makes us stop and think. He demands our attention, and makes us long for finality. If Josh Eppard wanted us to feel his pain, mission accomplished.

Sick Kids is a magnificent (and warped) return from Weerd Science. It’s uncomfortable and dark, but to return to reality from it is a triumphant escape.


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