Soundchecked: The River 68s – Just The Way (That You Do It)

Rating: 7.5/10

The band’s debut single is a refreshing rock effort, but is it good enough to ignite more interest in their genre?

For a fleeting moment a few years back, swagger-ific rock was cool again. The charms and nonchalance of the Rolling Stones had been reborn in bands like The Zutons and – at a push – Orson. Pop culture may have prevailed at the expense of purity, but an old-school party had been started.

Now the River 68s have rolled up. But the sun is now rising – the life of the party has long since faded. They’ve even crossed the threshold between ‘fashionably late’ and ‘just plain late’. But I’m not sure they care.

They’re the ginger mullet betwixt the highlights and the Bieber-fringes. They’re just that little bit different to the unstoppable glugs of monotony we’re being force-fed by the big wigs. Not in an ironic way, either. The River 68s aren’t trying to make a statement – they’re just writing a good old-fashioned song, fit for a new generation of fans.

Perhaps Just The Way is short of a worthy peak. Having joined our party a little late, The River 68s headed straight for the sofa – apparently we have to go and engage with them, not vice-versa. I suppose you could say the song lacks interactivity – it’s not about to drag us to our feet, save for a couple of neat guitar solos.

So, can The River 68s restart our little party? I’d say it’s 50/50. With the right balance of talent and thick skin, we can hope that the band will resist the lures of popularity and release more efforts akin to this. My only worry is they’ve left it a little too late…


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