Ben Lee – Deeper Into Dream

Rating: 7.5/10

Another strong volume in the Lojinx catalogue, Ben Lee’s Deeper Into Dream is a pensive mix of melody and restraint.

I’ve tried to write this review while keeping a safe distance from any sleep or dream-addled musings. Save for this one – the potency of our dreams to make us question our waking world is reflected in Lee’s writing. Wrapped inside sedative instrumentals are strings of melancholy and morose lyrics, catching us at our most relaxed and vulnerable moments.

Perhaps that’s why listening to it feels so therapeutic. I’m not juggling work, study and the rest. I’m a juggler. It’s not a balancing act – it’s a balance. The album isn’t a pulse-raiser, a floor-filler or a series of mindless thumps. It’s quite the opposite, and wonderfully so.

Deeper Into Dream is a body of work doesn’t need to raise its voice. Clearly the album is deeply personal to Lee, but he’s been careful not to let his work become self-indulgent.

Granted, every now and again we see Lee tipping his hat in the direction of his former unicorn – the “alternative hit”. It’s done tastefully though – Indian Myna and Get Used To It find their cries for admiration tempered by their sublime composition and integration with the rest of the album.

If I could point to one flaw with Deeper Into Dream (and I do so begrudgingly), it’s the inclusion of the voiceover sequences at the start, middle and end of the album. Is it in keeping with the theme? Yes. But does it also disrupt matters? Sadly, Yes. I’ve listened to the album without these interruptions and find it much less fragmented. In fact if you leave it on repeat, there’s a soothingly cyclic nature to Deeper Into Dream that makes it the perfect accompaniment to busy evenings of work.

Ben Lee has provided a gem of an album here. His quest to find the “alternative hit” may still be incomplete, but he’s so close here I think he’d happily call it quits.

Deeper Into Dream is out now on Lojinx


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