Bill DeMain – Extended Stay

Rating: 8/10

Bill DeMain’s Extended Stay may be beset by loss, but the transformation of his self-titled “bohemian interlude” into this six-track effort is nothing short of adorable.

There’s no delicate way to confess to the reasons behind my admiration for the EP, so I’ll just say it. Extended Stay reminds me of Toy Story. And yes, that is a massive compliment.

Despite being a closet Disneyphile, my tear ducts held steady as TS3 played out its final moments. Where emotion should have been, I found respect for the nurturing but honest coming-of-age that the story dealt with. The same qualities vibrate through every beat of DeMain’s work.

Extended Stay is an open acceptance that life happens. It meanders through the turbulent, the tempestuous and the down right terrific, carrying us all the way.  It holds us close and guides us through the ups, downs and round-and-rounds all the way through to the Newman-esque  “Raggedy Man”.

Second offering “ St. Joe’s ‘75” is a clap-happy foot-tapper. Laced with synths and a pinch of sax, it hoodwinks us while pulling religion into the ring for a grapple. Mindful of the subject’s volatility, its balance and judgement epitomise the EP and showcase DeMain’s delightful pop-rock at its finest.

I’m still hoping there’s another half of Extended Stay that’s been lost in translation. Six tracks seems like too little time to delve into DeMain’s haphazard jumble of a life. It looks like I’m going to have to make do for now, though…

Extended Stay is available on Lojinx


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