Patent Pending – Second Family

Rating: 7/10

Recently imported onto these shores, NY outfit Patent Pending have opened their account in style with a lingering concoction of riffs, brass and nostalgic pop-punk.

Second Family takes up residence somewhere between New Found Glory and Son of Dork, in the space formerly inhabited by the likes of Sugarcult, MXPX and more recently Forever The Sickest Kids.

Riding high on polished pop melodies, the lyrics ring true of a band whose members hold resentment in high regard. Cue the over-familiar, exaggerated collegiate tales that we all love to recite.

Debut single “Douchebag” demonstrates Patent Pending at the height of their powers. Twinned with opener “I Already Know”, we’re treated to two strategically placed doses of  fun, plastic cups and empty kegs (metaphorically speaking, of course).

Sadly, even the most powerful charms can wear thin. On a couple of occasions, notably “Shake Weight & Moving Crates” and the album’s title track, we’re offered a seemingly heartless second best.

Still, that’s not a major issue. For a strike rate of 13/15, I’d give Patent Pending a big thumbs-up. It’s true, they’re re-treading the footsteps of their predecessors, but why the hell shouldn’t they? It’s been a while, after all…

Maybe it’s time I outgrew pop-punk. Then again, I’d rather enjoy Patent Pending than nothing at all. With half an eye cast towards American Reunion, the release of Second Family is a timely reminder that you’re never too old to grow down.



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