New Girl – It’s All In The Eyes…

Image Courtesy of C4

Channel 4’s New Girl may be hiding behind its leading lady, but it’s just what I’ve been looking for…

I’m yet to fill the vacuum left by Friends’ departure from E4. I think I’ve finally found the answer though, in Zooey Deschanel’s New Girl.

After the first five re-runs, Friends became a casual watch. I no longer needed to compulsively watch it from start to end, as I currently do with The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother. Aside from these new pretenders, though, a lot of the new imports are pretty crap…

Then New Girl arrived, significantly aided by its leading lady, to pour more delusions of the American dream into those empty minutes.

It’s the perfect compromise between excellence and the lonely abyss occupied by shockers like Franklin & Bash. It’s relatable, without creating a need to reference it daily. It’s funny in places, but it’s not going to be the first joke you recite in the office on Monday.

If you take Deschanel away, you’re still left with something average. Could it stand up without her? Probably. But the hype around New Girl is – and always has been – centered on the star of the show, and the interest in Deschanel more than compensates for some hit-and-miss storylines.

The series is also missing its coffee-house or bar. From soaps to sitcoms, we all need a familiar point of reference and community, and the first five episodes of New Girl have taken us in bars, cars, apartments and weddings, with still no place us viewers can call ‘home’.

Maybe it’s because – as the title suggests – we’re viewing life through the eyes of just one girl, so wherever she is can be called ‘home’. Sadly, all this does is make the chasm between Deschanel and the rest of the show more obvious.

I enjoy New Girl. It’s simple, charming and fun. I could write forever about what would happen if Deschanel’s reputation wasn’t steadying the tides of fate. But it is, so I’m content for it to fill the void and remove the silence from my Saturday mornings. Here’s to another series.


One thought on “New Girl – It’s All In The Eyes…

  1. Hmmm….. Friends…… Never could get into that one. I think it was all of the Americanisation (granted, it was an American production) – staging, canned applause and laughter, etc. So if this is any comparison then I guess this show will not be for me…..

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