Wires – Shadows EP

It’s short, it’s bittersweet, and it’s showing signs of progress… It’s the new Wires EP.

Brooding alt rock bands have been kicking around for a couple of years now in various guises. The genre’s prominence may (arguably) have peaked during mid-to-late 2010, but it’s still got plenty of irons on the fire, one of which is Wires.

One of my initial qualms with the genre was its rather purist habit of taking itself too seriously. Albums, for all their merits, were rigid, copy-and-paste efforts that soon became forgettable.

Back to the present day, Wires’ Shadows EP shows glimpses of a band desperate to escape the bear traps of the past.

Although the backing riffs and desolate melodies are still there, Wires have grafted them onto three very different songs, resulting in a versatile showcase that tempts and teases.

It’s more than decent, but – as my rating suggests – it falls short of breathtaking. What Shadows represents is an attempt to subvert the statue quo, so credit where it’s due. All that’s left for future releases is for Wires to really let go.

The EP keeps its distance from thin ice. It rises and falls in all the right places, without ever getting your pulse up. It’s all a little safe, but it’s progress nonetheless.

So I’d give Shadows a go. Wires may not be breaking new ground just yet, but they’re certainly moving in the right direction.


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