Pugwash – The Olympus Sound

A great pop album…for all the ‘wrong’ reasons…

Rating: 7/10

Largely, those three letters – “POP” symbolise a style of music lacking in value, class or intelligence. Pugwash are clearly the wise uncles of the genre, sat in the corner with some dusty tales to tell.

The Olympus Sound is the culmination of those tales. Behind its modest but finely tuned sound is a deep sense of reflection. We aren’t listening out for foot-tapping, pop’n’locking hooks – we’re actually listening to the songs. That’s something that can’t be said of a lot of contemporary pop.

Pugwash won’t win any awards for dressing their songs in frilly tutus and fuzzy wigs. They don’t need to, because they actually have something decent to say. Our attention may not be demanded, but once we do listen in, we’re captivated – held musical prisoners by a band that hasn’t needed to embrace any drastic changes since its 1999 inception.

The Olympus Sound may not be the prettiest, most sparkling pop record of the year. Instead it’s a fine celebration of vintage guitar-pop.

It’s crafted, not constructed. It’s perfected, not produced. If you’re after a classy accompaniment to your summer, look no further than The Olympus Sound.


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