David Myhr – Soundshine

A fantastic explosion of merry power pop.

Rating: 9/10

Albums like this are the reason I love music. Soundshine is so unapologetically chipper that it can’t help but inspire a smile, even when deadlines loom and words elude me.

Drawing lively leads from a variety of instruments, the album smacks of a 60s power pop throwback, leaking from a shiny wind-up radio. It’s smooth and joyful, with neither the space nor need for melodrama. The clue is in the name – the album shines.

David Myhr’s melodic genius seems to know no end. The hooks are infectious, and the charms abundant. For the would-be popsters out there – forget all that dance bollocks, here is your best practice guide. Soundshine has everything you need, from the get-up-and-groove stylings of Wanderlust to the deliciously simple Loveblind, which leaves all the hard work to Myhr’s fine vocal performance. Oh, and the odd clap or two…

It’s clear a love of love and care has gone into producing Soundshine. Everything is measured, considered and refined. It’s a neatly wrapped bundle of joy and undiluted fun. I can’t say a word against it. Nor Myhr, for that matter.

If you’re hunkering after a pop album to take on those summer days out, you needn’t look any further. Soundshine is sprightly, timeless and utterly glorious.


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