Press To Meco – Press To Meco

A thumbs up from many, but there’s no accounting for (my) taste…

Rating: 6.5/10

A couple of years ago, I became a connoisseur in the pepperoni pizza market. I delighted in sampling the best and the worst, the most crispy and the deepest panned. Only one night, I realized that all the stuffed crusts, spicy base sauces and herby dressings added up to the same thing – a pepperoni pizza, and nothing more. After that, I went off pepperoni…

The same has become true of alt-rock. We’ve had a whole supermarket’s worth of releases, which, for all their innovation, aren’t allowed enough wiggle room (creatively or metaphorically) to stand out. It makes it hard to favour one band over another.

Press To Meco are the latest branded pizza (sorry, alt rock band) to hit the shelves. Their self-titled EP is decent – it’s versatile, concise, and likely to win more friends than it does enemies.  But I don’t think it’s about to turn the tables on my taste.

I can’t deny the trio has ability. The EP sees to that. I also can’t deny the guys have heart. Their 200-date mega tour takes care of that. For me, the biggest issue with the EP is out of their control – it’s the fact that I probably had my fill of the genre eight months ago.

So if, unlike me, you’re still partial to pepperoni pizza, I imagine you’ll be experiencing rumbles of delight when you listen to Press To Meco. I urge you to at least try a slice – it’s not half bad. I’m just a cheese-and-tomato kind of guy…


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