Sky Sphere – Don’t Wait For The Extraordinary


A meaty slice of IOW’s finest rock, all that’s needed is a greater sense of self…

Rating: 7/10


I’m not entirely sure who Sky Sphere are. Even after a press release, a swift Google search and a listen or three of Don’t Wait For The Extraordinary.

They’re from ‘The Island’ (The Isle of Wight) – a place I’ve heard described as a creative Alcatraz, only with more chip shops. After that, their sense of identity  seems to falter a little.

I can’t tell if Sky Sphere – for all the promise that DWFTE shows – are turning up late to an Arctic Monkeys soundalike party, or if they’re just burdened with an unfortunate likeness to those aforementioned chimps.

The comparison isn’t a bad thing – I’ll gladly make time for ballsy pop-cum-rock. It’s clear that plenty of others are making time for them, too, with stints at a variety of festivals on the cards for the (very) Southern trio. Perhaps what I’m after is a deeper stamp of individualism, the USP, to really make these guys shine (more than they already do, anyway…)

I don’t doubt for a second that Sky Sphere are capable of whipping out the big guns when the time comes. For now, I imagine they’ll be content to put out a hearty listen, and let their reputation build itself. It’s just a case of arming themselves for when they do battle with their forefathers (and the NME).

DWFTE is the ideal primer for us, as we wait for Sky Sphere to flee their captive shores. Once they do – and once they find the cherry to top their cake – they’ll have a big future to look forward to.


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