Mike Viola – Acousto De Perfecto

…Can be enjoyed with (or without) alcohol…

Rating: 7/10

It took a large dose of serendipity for me to finally get my thoughts about Acousto De Perfecto in order. In short: it’s not my favourite album, but certainly one I admire.

As an accidental and barely audible accompaniment to an ironic cheese and wine evening, I thought Mike Viola’s latest release served a fine and fitting purpose. For me, the combination of “Perfecto” and the album’s concept – one man and some strings (even if some friends did lend a hand) – smacked of the indulgent and pretentious. Much like the Brie and Pâté…

I was wrong, though. On both counts. Once the irony surrounding this humble gathering (three’s a gathering, right?) had evaporated, it became clear that the evening was quiet, fun and just a little classy.  And so was Acousto De Perfecto.

In the corners of my mind where resistance and contempt had once festered, a quiet admiration for Mike Viola was blooming. Thankfully, the alcohol had little to do with this – having taken the time to reflect and have another listen with these newly converted ears, I’ve realised that I quite enjoy settling down and listening to Acousto De Perfecto’s rather minimalist sound.

The contents of that evening have long since been swallowed, digested and the rest. But so to have cynical feelings that informed the words I jotted down. Apparently, Acousto De Perfecto goes well with a Merlot, but I’m sure you can also enjoy it with a wide range of drinks…


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