Cosmo Jarvis – Think Bigger

81fUnxjKfGL._AA1500_“Clunky” and “fragmented” aren’t normally complimentary terms. Then again, this isn’t a normal album…

Rating: 8/10

Logic tells me that Think Bigger shouldn’t be my cup of tea. In a world defined by boxes ticked (or checked, if you like) it’s a blank scorecard because it follows no pattern and erodes the notion that recurring themes or concepts are at all necessary. Bloody hell, it does so magnificently.

Think bigger puts two fingers up to convention, spits venom at the norm and derides the more traditional soloist’s modus operandi. All without buying into that dull sense of indie irony that dictates different is somehow “cool”.

It’s schizophrenic. Fractured and twisted, Jarvis lurches from folksy ballad to QOTSA-style chuntering in the mere passing of a beat. From delicacy he births disaster, and back again. Still no boxes ticked though – so it must be a crap album…

The composition is most certainly of this Earth – there’s nothing exceptionally technical about the songs Jarvis has written – there’s just something about his use of combinations that is exciting. Like chilies and chocolate, or cheese and cake.

In fact, take away the feeling of abnormality and you’re left with a pretty standard album. Lots of ticks and crosses. All over the page – the pen’s running out of ink. But with a few swooshes of a wand, a few unexpected twists and some jim-jam, mash-up-sort-of-things to make even Louis Walsh feel queasy, Cosmo Jarvis has turned an average-slash-decent album into an exciting and memorable one.

More of the same, please Mr Jarvis (unless it becomes the norm and therefore new criteria for success are formed…)


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