The Dollyrots – The Dollyrots

81XSR9UkEFL._AA1500_Rating: 7/10

A “bitchy” album, if ever I’ve heard one…

At first, I couldn’t help but feel that by infusing their typical 3-chord punk with modern pop sounds, the Dollyrots were blunting their edge a little. Would this latest offering be as rock-and-roll as lemon and ginger tea? If 11 seasons of CSI has taught me anything, though, it’s that blunt objects can still be lethal.

The Dollyrots (the band, that is) remain riddled with resentment towards their “social superiors” (read: beauty queens, daddy’s girls and alike). Intentional or otherwise, there’s a beautiful irony at work seeing as the band’s ills have been…ahem…dolled up…

Gritty, three-chord pop-punk can still be found in places, providing you chip away at the album’s squeaky clean exterior. For the most part, though, we’re confronted by cheesy, gung-ho power-pop. And no, the word “cheesy” isn’t an insult here. This beast flashes you its pearly-whites one moment, then spits in your eye the next. The fact that it’s sonically “pretty” shouldn’t detract from the sense of rebellion that still shines through.

If you’re a Dollyrots, BFS, Army of Freshmen or even just a jolly-power-pop-punk-and-generally-fun-music-with-catchy-bouncy-bits fan, then this pretty little weirdo of an album is worth a few moments of your time. Especially when you’re hungover on New Year’s Day.


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