Doctor Who Xmas Special: Kicking Off A Fantastic 50th

Image: BBC

Image: BBC

A few happy thoughts following The Doctor’s Yuletide capers…

Oh, Moff, you televisual tease. First you dangle the promise of companions new before us. Then you enchant our hearts and brains with a premature peek at JLC, and a fitting mystery to match. Then finally, on the day we (really) first meet our new leading lady, you steal her away at the death (pun intentional). Not only that, but you dub her “the girl twice dead”? Sheer barmy genius!

Yep, you’ve guessed it. I was rather a fan of the 2012 Doctor Who Christmas special, simply titled: “The Snowmen”. Not only did it represent a return to “normal” Doctorific Christmas viewing (and thus a move away from Moffat’s indulgent, if enjoyable, pseudo-fairy-tales) but it has already started in motion the events that will no doubt shape the end of series seven.

To coincide with the TARDIS’ 50th birthday, season 7.5 always needed to be special. Having so delicately built up – and then so wonderfully shattered – the Doctor/Pond triangle, the promise of new blood on our screens merely lengthened Moffat’s to-do list. It would appear that he thrived under this pressure.

By not simply throwing in the towel and writing a convenient meeting for the pair, the mystery and anticipation will grow exponentially with every passing hint. The rumour mill will be at full tilt – the how, the why and the when will suffocate the Internet (or at least my corners of it) like a mucus cough in January. All in the name of a knees-up fit for a Time Lord. Hopefully without the anti-climactic “your baby is River Song” solution, too…

Well, that’s my piece said. T’was a jolly good show, indeed, and it laid the foundations for Doctor Who’s finest year. Let the hype begin, le

t the celebrations start, and here’s hoping that 2013 sees the Moffat-Smith combination hit an all-new high…


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