A bit of love for Softball

avatars-000035711291-rfbkb3-t500x500It has been just over five years since I came home to find Paddy Johnston drinking coffee – my coffee – in a university kitchen.

Since that night – filled with loop pedals, acoustic pop and tea-fueled folly – he’s shown himself to be one of those irritating buggers who can’t turn his creativity off. Be it comics, open letters, music or even Tweets, Johnston is the archetypal writer – dry in wit, heavy in observation and unashamedly plain.

The same is to be said for his latest electro-pop venture, Softball. The two songs currently on SoundCloud suggest an act that isn’t trying to be glamourous or chart-topping, but content to produce charming and innocent pop for the sheer joy of it. In a musical age of cynicism and constructed reality, what beautiful sentiments these are to behold. They’re not half bad, either…

That’s all, really. As the title suggests, I just wanted to give a bit of love to Paddy Johnston and Softball. Fight the good fight, sir, and keep those balls coming.


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